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PRODUCT WARRANTY MAIL-QUICK prides itself on providing the best quality products and service. MAIL-QUICK warranties that all the Products it sells are free from manufacturing defects. Any defective product received by the end-user will be Exchanged for a non-defective, identical product; or store credit. This offer is limited to the duration and Parameters of the manufacturer's warranty; and applies to the product only. MAIL-QUICK is not liable for any Other expense - shipping or otherwise - incurred by the end-user for exchanging a product. Inkjet cartridges and bulk ink require proper handling & storage, defective products are to be returned to the original Manufacturer for exchange; contact MAIL-QUICK for the return address and R.A. number. All supply defect Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receipt by the customer and the product must be 80 % full or more to be Considered a claim. Please contact INFORMATION info@mailmachineshouston.com subject line must reflect six-digit confirmation order number. MAIL-QUICK does not warrant that a product will meet all the specific needs of its end-user; nor that a product will perform beyond or outside the intended use of its design. MAIL-QUICK is not responsible for occasional Typographical errors on the website. Manufacturers' order processing time and product availability are beyond the control of MAIL-QUICK. Any projected shipment dates provided by MAIL-QUICK are estimates only. MAIL-QUICK cannot be responsible for the date a product actually ships out of the manufacturer's door. Address corrections- such as zip code, suite corrections made to orders, while with the various carrier may be charged back to the customer, the customer shall be notified via E-mail that a shipping correction had occurred. and charged back to the customer. MAIL-QUICK also cannot be responsible for the damage a product incurs while being shipped to the end-user. In keeping with good customer service, However, such remedy is solely at the discretion of the carrier or manufacturer.

DAMAGES Mail-Quick is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If you received your order damaged, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim.

MAIL-QUICK also cannot be responsible for the damage a product incurs while being shipped to the end-user. In Keeping with good customer service, MAIL-QUICK will assist its customer in pursuing a remedy with the carrier in Whose custody a product was damaged or with the manufacturer who shipped the product. However, such The remedy is solely at the discretion of the carrier or manufacturer.

RETURN POLICY Due to the nature of our business, MAIL-QUICK maintains an “ALL INK Sales Are Final" policy. A return will only be accepted up to the duration and parameters of the manufacturer's warranty for exchange or Repair if a product is found to have a manufacturing defect. The end-user needs to acquire a Return Authorization from the customer service department at MAIL-QUICK. If a defective is applicable please email mail quick at info@mailmachineshouston.com along with the six-digits. order number.

Authorization from the customer service department at MAIL-QUICK. The defective product then needs to be Shipped in its original packaging to the location provided by the customer service department at MAIL-QUICK.


Upon receipt of the product in like-new condition (and unused with any product seals Consumable products such as ink), *THE Item must not be opened. *The returned item must be returned complete. *If we ship you the wrong item, you must not open, destroy or try it. *If you have ordered the wrong item, the item must not be opened or package open or destroyed meaning,( ink on the packaging) in order to receive a return for corrected item customer will pay the cost for shipping, if the item has been opened and tampered with to be determined upon return and Mail Quick has the right to charge full products price if products have been tampered with, not sealed correctly. Machine upgrades: Orders cannot be returned or refused once they have shipped, except when received damaged and a claim has been recorded and signed by the freight company's driver. Any type of carrier chargeback to sender will result in an additional charge to the customer card on file, for such address corrections, zip codes Mail Quick will not accept ink returns due to upgrades. Keep in mind Mail Quick assist’s in working solution’s but returns are not guaranteed.

Mail Quick will help troubleshoot ink problems but is not responsible for machine maintains. Please send an Email to info@mailmachineshouston.com along with your six-digit order number. Mail Quick does not know how your machine is being maintained period (no exceptions)

No return shipments will be accepted by MAIL-QUICK, or by the manufacturer of the defective product, without The original packaging and Return Authorization. Orders cannot be returned or refused once they have Shipped, except when received damaged and a claim has been recorded and signed by the freight company's Driver. In some cases, the customer service department at MAIL-QUICK may facilitate a product replacement with the The original product must be returned in "As New" condition, in the original packaging and with a Return Authorization provided by the customer service, if an item is to be returned A restocking fee will apply of 35% due to manufacturer. Department at MAIL-QUICK. Any returned item that does not meet all three conditions will be considered the Property of the end-user; and will be shipped back to the end-user at the end user's expense. No credit will be Provided for any product returned that does not meet all three conditions. Additionally, MAIL-QUICK reserves the Right to charge an additional 10% fee on all canceled orders, if the order has already been processed. Are issued in the form of MAIL-QUICK store credit and must be used within six months from the date of the Credit.

This credit can be used towards future purchases with MAIL-QUICK within the time frame specified above. All Software, support contracts, and extended warranties are non-returnable; without exceptions. No returns of Products past 30 days of the purchase date are allowed. Absolutely no returns on parts and/or equipment are Allowed. Some manufacturers do not allow for returns. Fornax and Martin Yale products cannot be returned. They will be serviced under their respective 90-day warranties which in the case of Martin Yale products are Parts only. Fornax customers have the option for a service contract with the manufacturer after the manufacturers 90 day Warranty of which Mail quick shall bear no responsibility and shall be taken up with Fornax . Advertised Internet Pricing: Mail Quick advertises on websites owned and operated by outside entities, And Therefore has no control over whether or not the advertised price on a web page other than Mail Quick’s The company-operated website is current. Due to this fact, Mail Quick does not guarantee any advertised price as Current except those prices advertised on Mail Quick’s own website. Out of date prices advertised on an outside A domain cannot be honored. Back Order Policy Due to the high demand for certain products Mail Quick offers, on occasion items listed on Mail Quick’s website are subject to backorder if you have chosen free shipping items will ship when received. In the event a product is on backorder, you “the Customer” shall only be charged for the items in your order that are in stock and shipped immediately. We shall notify you by email of any items that are on “Back Order”. You “the Customer”, shall not be charged for “Back Orders” until such time Mail Quick contacts you “the Customer” upon their availability and confirms your The order is being completed. Once you purchased on MailQuick's website you've agreed to the terms.

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