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Martin Yale Automatic Letter Openers

Handheld Letter Opener
Small enough to fit in a desk drawer or any briefcase Lightweight machine opens an envelope in seconds Automatically ac...
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Desktop Letter Opener
•Automatically opens envelopes when inserted for easy one-hand operation •Accepts standard-sizes business envelopes •Bl...
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Martin Yale 1628 Letter Opener
•Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes •Accepts standard-sizes business envelopes •Handles a stack of enve...
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Automatic letter opener
•Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes •Hands-free operation, just put envelopes into position and turn on ...
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Heavy Duty Automatic Letter Opener
Cleanly opens just one side of an envelope Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes at high-speed Operates a...
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Martin Yale High Speed Letter Opener
•For high-speed processing of large mail volume •Automatically feeds, opens and collects a stack of envelopes •Operates...
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Martin Yale Parts
No need to worry about losing your operating manual. We offer online manuals for the full line of Martin Yale office mach...
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When opening letters by hand, there’s always the risk of tearing the contents. For a large operation, letter opening can add up to a huge amount of wasted time. But thanks to Yale Martin letter openers, it’s easy to get quick, clean cuts without the risks. Since automatic letter openers use blades to cut envelope bottoms, consider safety. The design of all Martin Yale openers ensures that your fingers are always shielded from the cutting blades. Our varied selection includes the Martin Yale Handheld Letter Opener, 1624, a small hand-fed opener that can fit in a briefcase or drawer as well as the Martin Yale High Speed Letter Opener, 62001, a desktop operation that can open 17,500 envelopes per hour. When factoring in portability, it’s the difference between 4 pounds and 40 pounds. The Martin-Yale-1624 will probably cost you less than a box of 500 envelopes, and the Martin-Yale-62001-Letter-Opener is state of the art. Its rollers provide quick conveyance relatively quietly. (Belt conveyors tend to be noisier than rollers.) You can feed it a stack of envelopes up to 6 inches thick, and it will process them quickly, even if the envelopes are variable sizes and up to 1/4-inch thick. Our selection includes many variations between these two extremes. At considerable savings over the 62001, the Martin Yale Heavy Duty Letter Opener (1648) can open 12,000 #10 envelopes per hour. If it’s simple efficiency you need, you will find the mid-range openers to be equally efficient, differing slightly in how much human feeding or guidance is needed (see our helpful enlarged images for easy assessment). Before feeding any of these letter-opening machines, always remember to smooth the stack by knocking it topside-down against a counter or desk to knock the contents away from the opening cut, usually 1/8 inch from the bottom. They’re all here in our selection of top-performing letter-openers, so choose the one that works for your office and order it now.