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Martin Yale Paper Folders for Home, Office or Mailroom

Martin Yale P6500 3-Sheet Letter Folder
martin-Yale-P 6500-letter-folder basic attributes product name martin Yale P6500 automatic desktop folder manufacturer ma...
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Martin Yale P6400 Desktop Letter Folder
If you liked the personal-sized Martin Yale P6200 but want just a little more oomph, bring home this Martin Yale P6400 De...
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Martin Yale P7200 Rapid Fold Automatic Letter Folder
If your business or personal mail has you folding more than 30 mail pieces at a time, then you need help. While other Mar...
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Martin Yale P7400 Letter Folder
If you have a regular mailing operation such as a newsletter or flyers, you’re probably looking for versatility as ...
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Martin Yale 1501X (CV-7) Automatic Paper Folder
If your office uses many paper stocks, this Martin Yale 1501X (CV-7) will take a wide range of 16 - 28 pound paper. It fo...
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Martin Yale 1217A Letter Folder
Martin Yale Letter Folder is both versatile and high volume with a stackable tray that can hold up to 250 sheets of paper...
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Martin Yale 1611 Ease of Use Auto Folder
Folding 9,000 sheets per hour, the Martin Yale 1611 Ease of Use Auto Folder is a great machine for mid- to high-volume op...
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Martin Yale 1711 Electronic Ease-of-Use Automatic Paper Folder
Like its sister paper folder, the 1611, the Martin Yale 1711 Electronic Ease-of-Use Automatic Paper Folder folds 9,000 sh...
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12x18 Variable Speed Paper Automatic Paper Folder
Yes, the Martin Yale 1812 takes paper sheets that are 12 x 18 inches. You can also feed it up to four stapled pages. This...
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Martin Yale 2051 Smart Paper Folder
If you’ve ever run to the print shop to rush a tri-fold brochure or a 4-page stapled booklet, you know the value of...
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Keeping rollers in top condition is the best way to ensure paper traction and avoid jams in your Martin Yale paper folder...
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Martin Yale Parts
No need to worry about losing your operating manual. We offer online manuals for the full line of Martin Yale office mach...
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The strength of the Martin Yale line of paper folders is that it considers the little guy the one-woman home office as well as the full-scale mail marketing operation. Plus its home office products are compact. The small-scale Martin Yale P-6200 3-Sheet Letter Folder couldn’t be simpler to use. Feed a sheet in, and out pops a folded letter ready to mail. It’s designed for specifically 8 1/2 x 11 sheets and 20 - 24 bond paper, but it can fold 3 sheets at a time and it will take stapled sheets. When you get to the Martin Yale P7200 Rapid Fold Automatic Letter Folder, not only are you able to stack sheets and let it run, but you begin to add features like variable folds (letter, Z and half). We carry a full selection of Martin Yale paper folders to suit every operation. As you choose the ideal folder for your operation, look over our variety, paying close attention to the key variable factors as prices increase - increase in speed, stack size with automatic feeding, and number of folding options. For example, if you’re purchasing for a high-volume operation, the Martin Yale 2051 combines processing speed and automatic features. With 7 preset folds and 10 custom folds, the Martin Yale 2051 is a virtual origami wizard. It will process a stack of up to 500 sheets, can self-adjust for different paper bonds and can fold up to 15,000 sheets per hour. If your office needs to fold a lot of 3 - 4 page stapled pieces, this is one of the few machines that will do it. The Martin Yale parent company has been providing reliable products for office, government, and education, since the 1950s, so dependability and usability are product staples. Buy your Martin Yale paper folder today and take advantage of our free shipping.