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Pitney Bowes 797-M Ink Cartridge Florescent Red Replacement for Mailstation 2 - Made in the U.S.A

Item Number: PB797-U
Regular Price: $49.99
Our Price: $37.95
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Pitney Bowes 797-m (3 Cartridges)_Compatible
Our Price: $91.77
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Item Description

Ships Same Day-Made in U.S.A.! This Pitney Bowes 797-M-U-0 compliable cartridge slips in easily and has the USPS- quality red-ink cartridge you need for worry-free mailing with Mailstation 2. Like all the cartridges for your machine, this one is rated at 400 - 800 imprints per mailing. And unlike some of the high-production machines, yours is very sensitive to usage in terms of delivering optimum letter volume. Over and above simpler models, Mailstation 2 weighs packages. If you group your package mailing with your letter mailing and do it all at once, you may reduce “purging,” an ink-guzzler maintenance practice your REPLACE YOUR INK WHEN MACHINE IS BLINKING for the best machine performs automatically.

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